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Jen’s story – doubling heart attack diagnosis in women

‘I went back to my family alive and well’

“That day I had chest pains on the way to work. I’m a working mum of three, constantly on the go. I just put it down to stress.

But at work I collapsed with the pain. I felt very out of control.

I was rushed to hospital, and the overwhelming sense was relief. Because I felt there was something wrong and now I was in a place where something could be done about it.

Three weeks earlier two doctors had started testing women with chest pain in a different way.

I had the new test and as a result my heart attack was diagnosed. I was treated with a stent to open a blocked artery and I was able to go home to my family.

Even a month earlier my heart attack could have been missed but the new test changed that for women like me.

You look at me – I was 41 and relatively healthy. There are no big warning signs that you should look at problems with my heart. So who knows what might have happened if I hadn’t had that test.

I just feel very grateful and I am sitting here healthy today because of research by the British Heart Foundation.”